The Rise of Hybrid Events: Adapting Live Event Videos For Virtual Audiences

29th January 2024

Hybrid events combine elements both of in-person and virtual events, meaning whether audiences are in the room or tuned in remotely they should still feel equally part of the event.

Representing a highly engaging format for all audiences, hybrid events might be new on the scene, but there is every sign they are here to stay. This is due to the high level of flexibility that hybrid events provide regardless of attendee location. 

However, one consideration of hybrid events is ensuring that the approach to the event video production caters to both audiences. That’s because hybrid events don’t just prioritise in-person attendees anymore. Rather, all attendees require a tailored approach to how the event is delivered so that overall engagement remains high. 

MHF Creative is a UK-based event video production company specialising in hybrid events. Here is what makes hybrid events different, along with how the video production of a hybrid event needs to be adapted in response. 

Hybrid Events And The Changing Landscape Of Live Event Video Production

It was always inevitable that video production would evolve to offer hybrid events, especially with constantly progressing video and streaming capabilities. However, the pandemic was undoubtedly the catalyst for hybrid events gaining huge popularity in recent times, and the trend shows no sign of weaning.

With an incredible 91% of businesses using video as a marketing tool, hybrid events offer businesses a way of maximising their ROI. That’s because hybrid events give businesses the best of both worlds when wanting to put on a live event, yet not everyone can be there in person.

So what does all this mean for live video event production? In short, any video content must allow for in-person as well as remote interactions. Every participant must feel as if the video content is tailored for them, rather than missing out because they aren’t at the event in person to see, hear and participate in what’s going on. 

In terms of the video content, how it is filmed, streamed and managed throughout the event will be subject to adaptations. That’s because for a hybrid event, it’s not enough for the video, sound or functionality to be limited for those watching remotely.

Overall, hybrid event video content should provide value to everyone, including those in the room and watching remotely. In addition, those who rewatch or share the video content at a later date. 

What Does Hybrid Live Event Production Involve?

Since we know that hybrid live event production caters to both in-person and remote audiences, the first step is to create a plan for the video content to ascertain how this aim can be achieved.

Our team here at MHF Creative have an intrinsic understanding of hybrid live event dynamics. In other words, we know how to put on a fully engaging and immersive experience, regardless of how people may access an event. 

Some of the things we’ll consider include:

  • Accessibility considerations

  • Audience engagement strategies

  • Content planning and adaptation

  • Event hosting and management

  • In-person venue selection

  • Live streaming setup

  • On-demand capabilities for post-event content

  • Technical rehearsals and troubleshooting

  • Virtual platform integrations

Each of these considerations can cover lots of individual elements, but what everything boils down to is understanding how we can make every participant feel included rather than an afterthought. 

In terms of the video, adaptations need to be made so that the content translates as intended regardless of how it is experienced. Beyond the physical location of the audience, this also includes if participants have any additional accessibility needs.

All of this means everyone is included and the maximum reach of the video content can be achieved. 

Holding Your Next Hybrid Event With MHF Creative

If you’re new to all things live events, then one of the best resources we have to explain what the process involves is our work page. 

But in terms of hybrid events specifically, what MHF brings to the table includes:

  • Over 1,000 videos made for companies across the UK

  • Expertise in corporate video production including meeting commercial objectives

  • The ability to tailor live event videos for virtual attendees

  • Engagement strategies for all formats to maximise event success 

Whether you are looking to put on a hybrid event for the first time or improve on previous performance, it’s essential that the production company you work with understands all the nuances of hybrid events. 

Ensuring Your Next Hybrid Event Is A Success

While hybrid events aren’t the same as other event types, there are some crucial aspects which remain the same. These are that the event benefits from thorough planning, along with a consideration of how any commercial objectives can best be achieved. 

What this translates to within a hybrid event is looking at how we make the most of every individual’s attendance, regardless of whether they attend in person or online. This often includes using specific tools and technology to transform what otherwise would be a one-sided interaction (i.e. someone merely watching a live stream) and actually giving them the ability to feel included. 

The true test of a successful hybrid event doesn’t just lie in crunching the numbers afterwards. It’s also based on the feedback of those who attended. Ultimately, attendees should feel as if they gained something from the experience, and that the format offers an attractive proposition for future events. 

MHF Creative - Corporate Event Video Production UK

If you are looking to put on a hybrid event in the UK for the likes of conferences, training days, networking events, product launches or virtual experiences, then MHF Creative can offer an unrivalled level of knowledge and insight. 

Based in London, we offer corporate video production services tailored to your exact needs as a business. 

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