Convert Users into Customers Through Video with SaaS Product Demos

29th January 2024

Video is an incredibly engaging format, with data from Statista revealing the average person now watches a whopping 17 hours of online video content per week.

But beyond watching tutorials or funny clips, video has incredible power within digital marketing, particularly when it comes to converting customers. That’s because corporate video production can be used to demonstrate your products and highlight all of the features in an incredibly engaging way.

MHF Creative produces SaaS product videos as part of our vast range of corporate video services.

If you are looking to convert more customers to your SaaS product, then here is why video makes an excellent choice. 

Converting Users Through Video 

While you might know what your SaaS product does, or even the benefits of using your tool over a competitor, explaining the same to your potential customers isn’t always so easy. 

The simple fact is that SaaS can involve lots of complex terminology and confusing customer journeys. As a highly tangible format, video can be used to directly target and ultimately break down such barriers within the sales journey. 

Across the board, video remains an extremely strong marketing channel. Research shows that 88% of marketers consider video as an important part of their strategy. The same study reports that 90% of marketers found that video delivered a healthy ROI.

There are endless ways that video can convert viewers of your SaaS product into actual customers.

Some ideas can include:

  • Establishing an elevator pitch for your product

  • Breaking any product complexities down into an easy-to-digest format 

  • Adapting to the visual learning style whereby people respond best to being visually shown how something works rather than reading about it

  • Creating a video about the benefits or how-to guides to help convert users based on common questions 

  • Introducing your team in person to add a human edge to the product

  • Translating your product into different languages to target international markets 

As a SaaS product owner or marketer, there may be other aspects of your product that could be better explained through video. We can also explore these points when you work with our corporate video production team. 

What Does SaaS Video Production Involve?

Our SaaS video production can include any type of content that’s most relevant to your product sales journey and ultimately your customers. 

Just to give you some ideas, common video ideas for SaaS include product demos, feature explainer videos and customer testimonials. In essence, anything that you may find tricky to explain without the ability to physically demonstrate something.

Alongside shooting traditional video content, we can also incorporate motion graphics or animations into your SaaS video production. Whichever option is right for your product and video purpose, the finished creation will benefit from high-quality production at every turn. 

Want to see one we made earlier? Take a look at a brand partnership video we made on behalf of Klarna and Awin. 

Benefits Of SaaS Product Videos 

SaaS product videos can be fully customised to your needs as a business. If that wasn’t already fantastic, well-executed video content also looks extremely professional.

But if you still need some persuading, these are some of the top reasons why SaaS businesses find so much value in corporate video production. 

Highly Engaging Format

Video content is a format we’re all familiar with because we spend so much time watching it. So when it comes to tapping into the most engaging formats to hold user attention, you can’t get much better than video. With professional video production especially, we can shoot and edit the content to maximise engagement throughout. Plus we can finish with a snappy call-to-action to drive sales! 

Videos Can Be Uploaded Or Embedded In Lots Of Places 

As a highly versatile form of content, video can be embedded directly onto your website or across a number of platforms. For instance, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and any other platform where your future customers can be found.

Heading to an event or looking to attract investors? Video can also be used as part of your pitch to quickly and easily explain what your SaaS product is about.

Likewise, if you are creating a how-to guide or blog post, you can also add any video explainers into your content. Therefore, the options as to how you can use SaaS product videos are truly limitless! 

Videos Can Provide Long-Term ROIs

When a video has been produced to a very high standard, there’s every chance it can continue to lead customers to your website for many years to come. Plus, there are no limits as to how many times the video can be watched or shared. All of which provides unlimited potential for the video ROI. 

Excellent For Building Brand Awareness

It could be the case that users discover your brand or SaaS product for the first time on YouTube rather than your actual website. Since the video will clearly explain the highlights of the product along with the brand responsible for making it, videos act as an all-in-one sales pitch! 

Videos Are SEO-Friendly

Video titles and descriptions can be edited so that they contain SEO-friendly keywords. These keywords can be chosen to align with search intent to attract new customers. Within the description, links to your website including how to purchase your SaaS products can also be added to encourage one-click sales. 

Accessibility Friendly

With 1 in 5 people considered to have a disability, accessible video content not only helps make your brand inclusive but also ensures the maximum number of people can access your video. Measures such as adding closed captions and subtitles are examples of the many ways that video content can be made accessible. 

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