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Inspire People With Your Purpose and Values

More and more people are looking for purpose and meaning in their careers.  A recruitment video that focuses on your company's mission, purpose and values lets candidates know why your company exists beyond making profit, what you stand for and how everyone must behave in our culture to achieve the mission.  It allows candidates to self determine whether they are aligned with your mission and inspired by it and ultimately whether thay would be a good culture fit.

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Grays Inn Purpose and Values Recruitment Video

In this recruitment marketing video we learn about the purpose and values of Grays Inn from esteemed senior barristers explaining to the audience of young diverse legal students what it means and what it takes to be a part of Grays Inn.  Find out more in our Grays Inn Recruitment Marketing video case study.

Brand Story Video

Share with candidates your company heritage and what you set out to change.  Brand story recruitment videos help you connect on an emotional level with your candidates sharing with them your origin story and your vision for the future.  It can be told through the words of your founder or the experiences of what your brand is to your employees.


The Handle Brand Story Video

In this video the founder of Handle Recruitment narrates how the company began and what it stands for in the future.  Learn more in our Handle case study 

Show Why Your People Love Working For you.

This recruitment video approach showcases what your employees love about your culture and why they stay.

It communicates what it is specifically that they value in your company culture as a way to engage similar likeminded people to come work for you.

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EVP Recruitment Marketing Video I Outside Clinic

In this video, employees share how the flexibility that's available and the personalised, in-depth care they are able to provide make such Outside Clinic great place to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a video production agency help me capture the essence of our company culture?

A video production agency specialises in creating compelling visual content that tells stories. They have the expertise and experience to translate your company's culture into a visually appealing narrative. They can guide you through the entire process, from conceptualising the video's message and storyboard to capturing high-quality footage and editing it into a polished final product. Their creative vision and technical skills will ensure that your company culture video effectively reflects the essence of your organisation.

How long does it typically take to produce a company culture video with a video production agency?

The timeline for producing a company culture video can vary depending on the complexity of the project. Typically, the process involves several stages, including pre-production (planning, scriptwriting, and storyboarding), production (shooting the video footage), and post-production (editing, adding graphics and music, etc.). It's best to consult with the video production agency to get a precise estimate based on your specific requirements. On average, however, the entire process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

What should I consider when choosing a video production agency for our company culture video?

When selecting a video production agency, it's essential to consider their experience, portfolio, and expertise. Look for agencies that have worked on similar projects in the past, as they will have a better understanding of how to capture your company culture effectively. Review their portfolio to assess the quality and style of their previous work. Additionally, consider their ability to collaborate and communicate effectively, as a good working relationship will ensure a smoother production process.

How much does it cost to create a company culture video with a video production agency?

The cost of creating a company culture video can vary depending on several factors, such as the length of the video, the complexity of the project, the number of shooting locations, and the level of post-production required. It's best to reach out to video production agencies and provide them with your specific project details to get accurate cost estimates. Keep in mind that investing in a well-produced video can yield significant returns by enhancing your brand image and attracting top talent, making it a worthwhile investment for many companies.

How can I ensure that our company culture video is effective in capturing the attention of viewers?

To make your company culture video engaging and attention-grabbing, it's crucial to focus on storytelling and visual appeal. Craft a narrative that highlights the unique aspects of your company culture, incorporating personal stories and testimonials from employees. Use visuals that showcase the workplace environment, team collaboration, and the positive impact your company has on its employees and community. Incorporate dynamic shots, vibrant colours, and appropriate music to create an emotional connection with the viewers and keep them captivated throughout the video.

What elements should be included in a company culture video to effectively communicate our values?

An effective company culture video should clearly communicate your company's values and beliefs. Feature employees who exemplify these values and share how they contribute to the overall culture. Showcase diverse perspectives, team interactions, and activities that demonstrate collaboration, respect, and innovation. Include footage of company events, volunteer initiatives, or any unique programs that reflect your company's commitment to its values. It's also important to incorporate your company's mission statement or tagline to reinforce the overall message and leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

How can I make our company culture video resonate with our target audience?

Understanding your target audience is key to creating a company culture video that resonates with them. Consider their demographics, interests, and aspirations when crafting the video's message and visual style. Tailor the content and tone to appeal to your desired audience, whether they are potential clients, prospective employees, or partners. Highlight aspects of your company culture that align with their values and aspirations. Incorporate elements that showcase your company's commitment to innovation, work-life balance, employee growth, or any other factors that your target audience may find appealing. By speaking directly to their interests and needs, you can create a video that connects with and engages your intended viewers.

Why should I consider filming a company culture video with a video production agency?

Filming a company culture video with a video production agency can be highly beneficial. It allows you to showcase your company's values, work environment, and employee experiences in a visually engaging and professional manner. A well-crafted video can effectively communicate your company's unique culture to potential clients, partners, and prospective employees, helping you attract the right talent and create a positive brand image.

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