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Inspire People With Your Purpose and Values

More and more people are looking for purpose and meaning in their careers.  A recruitment video that focuses on your company's mission, purpose and values lets candidates know why your company exists beyond making profit, what you stand for and how everyone must behave in our culture to achieve the mission.  It allows candidates to self determine whether they are aligned with your mission and inspired by it and ultimately whether thay would be a good culture fit.

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Grays Inn Purpose and Values Recruitment Video

In this recruitment marketing video we learn about the purpose and values of Grays Inn from esteemed senior barristers explaining to the audience of young diverse legal students what it means and what it takes to be a part of Grays Inn.  Find out more in our Grays Inn Recruitment Marketing video case study.

Brand Story Video

Share with candidates your company heritage and what you set out to change.  Brand story recruitment videos help you connect on an emotional level with your candidates sharing with them your origin story and your vision for the future.  It can be told through the words of your founder or the experiences of what your brand is to your employees.


The Handle Brand Story Video

In this video the founder of Handle Recruitment narrates how the company began and what it stands for in the future.  Learn more in our Handle case study 

Show Why Your People Love Working For you.

This recruitment video approach showcases what your employees love about your culture and why they stay.

It communicates what it is specifically that they value in your company culture as a way to engage similar likeminded people to come work for you.

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EVP Recruitment Marketing Video I Outside Clinic

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