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Huws Gray EVP Recruitment Video

In this video we filmed employees across the different functions of Huws Gray, from Head Office, retail to the yard.

Through their voices and shared experiences we were able to communicate the Huws Gray EVP of friendly relaxed culture, training and development, exciting company growth ambitions.

Why Work With MHF To Make Your EVP Video?

We do not make dull talking heads nor do we fake till we make it with glossy, high fiving recruitment videos - unless you really love high fiving that is.

We want to capture the authentic reality of your culture and that means making sure your people are at ease and relaxed.  Its why we use a small video production crew as we know that too many people on set can be intimidating and youre not getting the best out of them.  

We have experience working within recruitment and HR so we understand the challenges and most importantly we understand the messages you need to convey.

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Outside Clinic EVP Recruitment Video

This EVP Recruitment video was focused specifically on the Outside Clinic team of Optometrists in an effort to attract more high street optomoetrists to domicilary eyecare. 

We focused on 4 Optometrist stories and why they love working for Outside Clinic.