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Your employee value proposition (EVP) is what sets your company apart from the competition and is the reason why potential candidates would choose to work for you. Showcasing your EVP through the voices of your existing employees is the best way to give potential candidates a glimpse into the culture of your organization and why working for your company is so special.

By using recruitment video production to bring your employees' stories to life, you're not only showcasing your EVP in a more engaging and human way, but you're also putting a face and voice to your organization. This creates a powerful and authentic connection with potential candidates, inspiring them to trust and consider joining your company. By making use of the voices of your employees, you’re highlighting the real-life experiences and satisfaction of working for your company, which is much more impactful and believable than any marketing campaign.

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Our EVP Videos

We have made EVP recruitment videos for a range of industries across the UK.  Our goal is to bring their stories to life through video, and to create an emotional connection with potential candidates that goes beyond just words on a page. Whether you're looking to showcase the supportive and inclusive environment at your company, or to highlight the opportunities for career growth and personal development, or your flexible working culture we're here to help you tell your story in a way that resonates with your ideal candidates.

EVP Video Grays Inn London

An Extraordinary Legal Community

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Recruitment Video Production - Outside Clinic

EVP Video Stories

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EVP Video Huws Gray

Recruitment video production that captures the culture and people behind the Huws Gray brand.

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Why Work With MHF To Make Your EVP Video?

Dull and artificial recruitment videos are a thing of the past. We believe in capturing the real essence of your company culture, and that starts with putting your employees at ease during the video production process. That's why we opt for a smaller video crew - too many people on set can be overwhelming and hinder the authenticity of the end result.

With years of experience in the recruitment and HR industry, we understand the key messages that need to be conveyed and the challenges that come with it. We're dedicated to creating recruitment videos that accurately showcase the heart and soul of your company and attract the right candidates who will love it just as much as your current employees do. No fake high fives, just real and engaging content.

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