Why You Should Invest In Employer Brand Videos?

9th April 2021

What Is An Employer Brand Video Production?

An employer brand video can cover off multiple different types of recruitment video production but in general their purpose is to market your company and bring your working environment to life in the eyes of your prospective candidates.  Employer branding videos can help you to communicate your culture, values, mission and what you need to thrive in the organisation.  


Employer Branding Video Production For Huws Gray

Check out this recruitment video campaign we made for Huws Gray here.

Why Make An Employer Branding Video Production?

By 2022 video content will account for 82% of all internet traffic - Oberlo.  Therefore it makes sense that to ensure your employer brand stands out and remains relevant, recruitment video production is a need to have.

Recruitment video production is evergreen in nature and once made can remain relevant for a number of years. 

It can also help save budget on hefty recruitment agency fees by using it as part of a highly targeted paid social media ad campaign.

Check out our recruitment video production work here.

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How Can MHF Help You?

At MHF we are specialists in recruitment video production and have worked at the cold face of this industry enabling us to have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by recruiters and talent acquisition leads.

We will work with you to understand your specific and unique business needs and come up with a creative direction and employer branding video production proposal that will work to achieve your business and HR goals and deliver value in line with your recruitment video production budget.

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