Amplify your employer brand with video

9th April 2021

What is employer branding?

It is your company’s reputation and identity as perceived through the eyes of your prospective candidates and employees.  The goal of a strong employer brand is to clearly influence your ideal candidates that you are an attractive place to work by articulating a clear employee value proposition and giving an insight into your culture to attract those that will thrive in your culture to apply and repel those that won’t.

Why is video important for your employer brand?

Video can help shape candidate perceptions and influence their decision-making processes by showing your culture in action, the people they will be working alongside and their experiences of what it is like to work with you.  

Here is an example of an employer branding campaign we partnered on for Grays Inn where the objective was to change perceptions from pale, male and priveleged to one that was diverse, multicultural and inclusive, a culture where anyone can grow, thrive and be a lifelong member of the Grays Inn Community.

Video is also an inherently shareable form of content enabling you to reach more targeted passive candidates through paid social ads or organic employee sharing across social media.

How to use video content as part of your employer branding strategy


  • Video content for your careers website

Your careers website is the hub of your recruitment marketing efforts therefore it is important that this is engaging, on brand and perfectly reflects your culture and the authentic employee experience. Like this one we made for Handle Recruitment

Video on your career website can help you stand out against your competitors, improve your SEO rankings and help the candidate overcome any potential obstacles and answer all their questions regarding the recruitment process saving your recruiter’s time and energy.

You can create video that sits on targeted landing pages showcasing your range of job functions, your leadership team, your culture, values, corporate social responsibility initiatives giving prospective candidates a rich story of what it is like to work in your organisation.


  • Paid social ads

Grab the attention of passive candidates through the creation of authentic, hyper targeted video content that can be shared across social media through paid ads that target a specific person demographic, job profile or geographical location on the social media platforms where they hangout.  With this strategy the audience is likely to be passive so the video content must be super specific with a clear and compelling message that is relevant and resonant to their needs and motivations and ultimately win over their hearts and minds.


  • Organic social media video

You have an untapped resource in your existing employees to become advocates for your employer brand and sharing regular video content on their social media feeds.  On average every employee will have a minimum of 1000 connections on any given social media platform so if you have 100 employees and every single one shared a piece of video content once a week that is a potential reach of 100,000 people.

The key is to make video content that they feel proud to share.


  • Include video on your job ads

Compel the right candidates to apply and repel those that would not be suited with video content that talks about the role and responsibilities, the team you will be working with or insight from the hiring manager on what it takes to thrive in the role.  You may want to include video content from the recruitment manager explaining the recruitment process, and interview tips.

  • Onboarding Video

Your employer brand strategy needs to cover all touchpoints of the candidate and employee experience, so video is not only a great way to onboard new team members, telling them your brand story, meet your leadership team it is also a flexible way of doing this vitually from home before they commence employment.


  • Live streaming video

Stream live video across social media via Facebook live or Instagram TV to educate job seekers and passive candidates on your culture and provide content that is of value to them like what to expect during the recruitment process and the key questions that may be asked.  

How can brands use video post pandemic?

The past year has changed the landscape in terms of what employees’ value from their employers and to attract top talent businesses should be thinking about using video to show any new company initiatives in the areas of diversity and inclusion, mental wellbeing, flexible working and leadership.

Benefits of using video content as part of your recruitment marketing strategy

  • Reduce recruitment agency costs buusing video effectively across social media and to attract passive candidates
  • Reduce employee turnover by giving employees transparent insight into role, team and company.
  • Increase quality applications and from those that will thrive in your culture
  • Reduce quantity of applications by showing the realities of a job and culture
  • Save recruitment team time by creating evergreen content that answers common FAQs
  • Gain competitive advantage over competitors with video content that marks you out as employer of choice
  • Build a more robust talent pipeline.


Recruitment video ideas

  • A day in the life video of an employee
  • Corporate social responsibility video content
  • Video showcasing an employee or leader who works flexibly
  • Leadership video stories - how they got to where they are and their big learnings
  • Video showcasing successful employee career growth stories
  • Team profile videos
  • Job function videos
  • Videos about the location, and social aspects of your company and culture.
  • Video showcasing annual performance results and company updates
  • Video featuring your recruitment team answering FAQs and giving insight into the recruitment process
  • Values video

What we do.

At MHF we partner with talent acquisition leads and employer brand managers to make video content that is aligned to their goals and objectives whether that be driving more candidates to the career’s website, increasing time on careers website, increasing better quality applications or reducing turnover – we are here to help by making you high quality video content that shows your authentic culture and all the human stories that are woven in to the tapestry of this that your target audience will find valuable

We can make you a video content toolkit that empowers your recruitment team to share on social media and elevate your employer brand in the eyes of your ideal candidate and grow your company.


If you need to supercharge your employer brand or change perceptions we are here to help.  Get in touch