Corporate Video Production Process In 3 Simple Steps

5th January 2022

Corporate Video Production Process

With corporate video production services growing in popularity across the business and marketing landscape the prospect of having to make a great corporate video can be daunting to even the most experienced marketer.  And whilst each video is bespoke to your specific business needs there are 3 basic steps involved in all corporate video production that are essential to creating a video that your audience will want to watch. 

3 stages of video production process

Pre Production

This is the first phase of the corporate video production process and arguably one of the most important.  It involves ensuring all parties are clear on the goals and objectives of the video content, the audience that you are targeting, the messaging you want to communicate and the planning and logistics of the video production shoot.

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Top Tip

If you are the corporate video project lead its important that all invested stakeholders on the client side are fully aligned on the purpose, messaging and look and feel that you want to convey before production commences.  Re-shoots are expensive and not required if pre-production has been well thought out and fully agreed upon.


After all your preparation, film production on your corporate video can begin.  This is where all your pre-production planning and ideas come together and the film crew capture all the raw footage that is required to deliver on your video vision and business objectives.  


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Post Production

The post-production phase is where the raw footage captured is organised and assembled by an editor into an engaging story in line with your required video format deliverables.

They will bring the story to life through the use of music, motion graphics, sound design and animations. 

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Top Tip

For each round of agreed amends ensure that all video project stakeholders review the video and collate all amends within each round.  This will save on extra costs should you exceed your allocated number of rounds.

Video Production Timeline

Our standard timeline from initial discovery call through to final delivery can be anywhere from 3 - 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and video content deliverables.  

However each corporate video project is bespoke and faster turnaround times can be achieved but its important to be clear and upfront on your delivery dates during early conversations with your video production company to allow them to take this into account when budgeting and planning the video campaign.

Editing Timeline

What Do We Need From You?

  • Explain clearly the purpose of the video, the target audience and key messaging.  
  • Select clients/employees/partners who are not camera shy with an interesting story.
  • Provide us with brand guidelines and any other assets that will make your video pop.
  • All stakeholders to collate feedback on our digital platform during every round of amends.
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How Can Our Corporate Video Production Company Help?

We specialise in corporate video production content for businesses, marketers, HR and Recruitment to communicate with their audience online.  We have partnered with various clients across various diverse sectors, so we understand the importance of working in collaboration with our clients to understand their goals and desired result. 

We will take the mess out of your message and the hassle out of your hands with a seamless video production process that delivers you business results

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