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Transforming visions into captivating realities. Uniting creativity and expertise across borders for unrivalled corporate storytelling.

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Are you looking to engage your audience with compelling corporate videos? 

If so, you've found the perfect match in MHF Video Production. We are a well-established, UK-based video production company with a comprehensive range of services to meet all your video production needs.

We're thrilled to extend our video production services to American businesses like yours, offering our expertise in crafting exceptional visual narratives that leave a lasting impact. Our dedicated team is here to work closely with you, ensuring that your unique vision is brought to life in a way that resonates with your target audience.

With MHF Video Production by your side, you can take your brand's storytelling capabilities to the next level. Don't miss out on the opportunity to engage your audience like never before – partner with us today and let's create captivating corporate videos that set you apart from the competition.





Behind the scenes video production company

Why Choose MHF Creative?

Although we are based in the UK, distance is no barrier to us. Through seamless communication channels, we ensure smooth and effective collaboration with American businesses, ensuring your business becomes a reality, regardless of geographical location.

Network of American Production Partners 

To serve you better, we have established a robust network of trusted video production partners across the USA. This allows us to offer localized filming and production services, capturing the essence of your brand from an American perspective.

Global Reach, Local Insight 

By partnering with us, American businesses gain access to European markets. We can create video content targeted specifically for European audiences, helping you expand your brand's reach and impact.

Coca Cola Consolidated Customer Success Video

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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Customer Testimonial Video - Egencia

Orlando, Florida

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Devops Expo Video Content

Las Vegas

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Animated Explainer Videos Awin Affiliate Marketing

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Video production experts for clients in the USA 

We are no ordinary corporate video production company. The experienced team at MHF Creative bring a wealth of video production experience across the world. As experts in video production filming in the USA, we are committed to bringing your story to life, and we pride ourselves on adding the human element to corporate video production. 

We achieve this by getting to know and understanding your business, your market, your audience, and your competitors so we know we can deliver a video that ticks all the boxes. Being a full service video production company, we have access to and can arrange any detail that is involved or may be required in the planning and production of your corporate video.

So as you can see, video is one of the most empowering formats to share your message as a business, and it will help you maximise your ROI. 

Corporate videos help establish trust in your brand and reach out to your audience group. Corporate videos can serve more than one purpose, allowing you to highlight the features of your services or showcase a customer’s success story. Video is the medium of emotion, so it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses rely on professional video production services in the USA. 

As a vast horizon of opportunities, the US’s rich, vibrant, and diverse scene is not to be missed. So, whether you are in NYC, LA, or anywhere else across the USA, you need a professional and creative team on your side to gain a competitive edge. The team at  MHF Creative are the partner of choice when looking for corporate video production in the USA. 

Full Service Video Production Services in the USA

When you work with a corporate video production company in the USA, you can benefit from the experience of professionals. Whether you are looking for a marketing video or a meet-the-team recording, professionally produced videos act as your brand’s messenger for content that is:

  • Highly shareable regardless of your platform

  • Easy to consume

  • Suited to best practices of modern communication 

  • Emotional

  • Memorable

Our team at MHF Creative is proud to bring their know-how and honed skills across a variety of sectors to help you reach your business goals. With MHF Creative, rest assured you’ll get more than just quality videos. We have extensive experience working in the USA, and not just for US-owned companies but also for other international businesses that want to film in the States. 

Depending on the type of filming requirements, we have a network of trusted videographers or we offer a cross-border collaboration. Lots of factors come into play when deciding how to approach a project, such as budget or specific client requirements.

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Full Service Video Production Services in the USA

Video Production that Adds Value

People are your main assets and at MHF Creative we make sure people are at the core of your message. We are dedicated to providing corporate video production services in the USA that meet the expectations and needs of your American audience. 

Branding videos

Tell your brand story with engaging and emotionally-loaded corporate video production.

Animated explainers

Hard to explain? Clarify production explanations and complex concepts with animations.

Live event

Let our video production services in the USA record and transmit your live event.

Corporate photography

Say no to impersonal business photos and trust MHF Creative to capture real-life moments that encapsulate your business personality.

Promotional video production USA

Got something to promote? We let the video do the talking.

Customer Testimonials

Elevate reviews with exquisite video testimonials that advocate your services.

Case study videos

that showcase how life-changing your services and products are to your customers in the USA. 


Social media videos

From reels to stories, we help you share engaging and exciting content on your social media platforms.

Recruitment video production USA

Attract talent and streamline recruitment with custom corporate videos that embody your business vision.

Your Go-To Corporate Video Production Company in the USA

We work hand-in-hand with our clients across the USA to manage every single aspect of their video projects. Your corporate video is in the hands of professionals with years of experience. 

This means that at MHF Creative, we work with reputed and highly qualified professionals to guarantee you we meet the highest standards of production:

  • Scriptwriters

  • Editors

  • Voiceover artists

  • Camera operators

  • Video producers

Are you ready to set your brand into motion with high-quality video messaging? Reach out to our experts today and elevate your brand with inspiring corporate videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does corporate video production in the USA mean?

Our video productive services in the USA are designed for both internal and external purposes videos. So, whether you wish to share an internal message from the CEO, or launch your new product to the market, we are here to help. In simple terms, a corporate video is a video designed for your US business, that relates to a specific message for a targeted audience group and that is edited for your platform(s) of choice.

How do we effectively communicate and collaborate across different time zones?

We use various communication tools and schedule meetings that accommodate both time zones. You can easily get in touch with us and request a call at a time that suits you.

Can you provide references or examples of previous work with clients in the USA?

Certainly, we can share references and relevant samples of work with US clients. For example, we partnered with Egencia to create an animated explainer.

Will there be any additional costs or complexities involved in shooting video content in the UK for our US-based audience?

We handle all shooting logistics efficiently without impacting your budget significantly.

What is the process for handling international logistics, including shipping equipment and handling customs?

We have experience with international logistics, ensuring smooth equipment transportation as well as a network of trusted professionals both in the UK and the US that can cater to any part of the production process.

How will you ensure that the cultural nuances and messaging resonate with our US target audience?

Our team ensures that your content is culturally relevant to the US audience. We pride ourselves on adding the human touch to corporate video production, and we spend time before recording, consulting with stakeholders to ensure the business message and culture comes across correctly to the intended audience.

Can you assist with scriptwriting and voiceover services using US English or regional accents if needed?

Yes, we offer scriptwriting and voiceover services with US English or regional accents.

What are the copyright and licensing considerations for using music or footage in the US market?

We'll take care of copyright and licensing requirements for music and footage in the US market.

What is the turnaround time for delivering the final video content to our US offices?

The turnaround time will be communicated based on the project scope.

What to expect from corporate video production services in the USA?

Corporate videos can serve a variety of purposes. At MHF Creative, we start every project with an in-depth analysis to capture the essence of your business, its true needs and objectives, and what your end goal is. As such, we can deliver a video that will engage with your audience and push your brand forward.