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Corporate Case Study Video Production Services With An Audience First Approach.

The best case study video campaigns are highly targeted at the audience personas you are seeking to attract.  They are designed to emotionally connect with the viewer in a way that feels relateable and authentic.  

B2B case study video production is not about you, but about the value you offer your customers or candidates and the best way to capture this to to shoot an intimate  portrait of successful customers you have worked with that reflect the industries and the human motivations of the people you want to engage and convert.

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Corporate Case Study Video Production - Pure London

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Customer Testimonial Video - Egencia

This is a case study video we produced for Egencia featuring Expedia's Corporate Travel Manager Megan Reynolds discussing how the platform has benefitted her in managing her corporate travel needs.

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Case Study Videos - Huws Gray

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Recruitment Video Production - Outside Clinic

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Customer Testimonial Videos - Expedia Group

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Case Study Video Production Thats Builds Trust

One of the biggest business benefits of our case study video production services is that your prospects or candidates can see with their own eyes a real human person with real emotions and body language discuss their problems and endorse your product or service and odds are they may have similar challenges.  Case study video production helps them to visualise how you can help them too and give them an insight on what to expect.

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Recruitment video production featuring a male employee smiling to camera

Case Study Videos Are Evergreen

A lot of brand and marketing videos can date quickly.  Case study videos are different in the fact that they are highly relevant for several years without needing to be updated.  The reason for this is because its not trend driven but rather all about the rich content and why the value you offer.

Sustainability case study video featuring children picking berries

Case Study Videos Establish Credibility Over Your Competition.

Case study videos help to establish you as a thought leader in your industry and make you stand out against your competition who are relying on text based case studies or testimonies.

Recruitment video featuring a female Barrister smiling to camera

Why Make A Case Study Video With Us?

Our style of case study video production is to capture the human behind the business or brand and create a connection with your target audience through the medium of video storytelling.  

We do not like our case study video production work to feel too corporate, bland or overtly glossy.  We believe humans connect with other humans so we film them using a documentary style approach, interviewing them then following them around in their environment with a camera to capture their interactions and mannerisms.

This helps the viewer relate to the business and better understand the problems they were seeking to solve and how you helped them achieve this and impact the lives of the people who work there by.

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Case Study Video Production Costs?

A standard 90 seconds - 2 minute customer testimonial video will start at around £3750.  However the price can go up depending on how many case study videos you want and in the different types of formats for social media.  The price for this includes:

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