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Our recruitment video production process.

We will partner with your talent acquisition team to fully understand your employer branding and recruitment goals, pain points, employee personas, culture and EVP. We will craft you a video content campaign that is aligned to your needs and the motivations of your desired target audience.

So whether you need to attract more digital talent to your business, create a culture and values video, change perceptions or educate your audience on your recruitment process we have a creative video solution that will deliver you results.


Why choose mhf?

Our background in creative media, and corporate HR places us at a distinct advantage in understanding your talent challenges and the opportunities that recruitment video marketing can bring to your business helping you to attract, engage and hire the best talent. 

We are here to partner with you and shape your employer brand with high quality story driven video content that shows the culture, people and pulse of your company, the successes and the challenges, helping candidates find their place in your business.


Why produce a recruitment video?

To attract the best talent is an absolute must for any company to remain successful in a competitive world.  Brands need to reimagine what it means to be an employer and show their desired ideal candidates what its really like to work with you, what you stand for and what it takes to thrive in your culture. 

Candidates are researching your company on Glassdoor and social media so video content gives you the opportunity to shape their perceptions by sharing the real life stories behind your brand and make you stand out as an employer of choice.

Student Marketing Video Campaign - Gray's Inn

Where will your career journey take you?

case study

Employer Branding Video Campaign - Handle Recruitment

Employer Branding Video Campaign

case study

Promotional Video & Photography - Yodel Mobile

case study

Employer Branding and Marketing Video Campaign - Cass Art

case study
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