MacMillan Cancer Support

The Client

MacMillan Cancer Support is a charity that exists to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can. They do this by providing support and advice, helping people to meet people who understand and by being there for those with cancer.

The Challenge

We were provided with footage of various interviews with people with cancer and asked to create an edit which subtly communicated how MacMillan help but that put more emphasis on how that help feels for people with cancer.

Our Approach

The video we produced was intended to show that cancer does not define the person. While it can seem that it might, when it seems to cover and override everything, that by talking about it we can reveal what it really is that makes people who they are. Beginning with more solemn shots and a grey grade, the video transitions into bright colours and smiling faces gradually, as the voice-over explains that it is not cancer than defines people, but everything else about them and their lives.

The Results

The end result is a video that encourages people to look beyond cancer and to consider the individual and their lives. The video hopes to show people that by reaching out and talking to people with cancer about other things we can change their lives for better.