The Client

Toujeo is a long-acting insulin used to control blood sugar in adults with diabetes mellitus and their parent company are a long standing client of an agency partner of ours.

The Challenge

The client wanted a powerful 3D animation to convey Toujeo as a forward thinking, intelligent and ergonomic solution for the medical industry. We took the project over from an in-house design team and were asked by the client to create an animation with a futuristic feel and fast flowing narrative.

Our Approach

A 45 second animation and 3D artwork helped paint Toujeo as a cutting edge medical solution in the market. We chose a new music track and changed the way the text on screen was displayed to make the video flow faster and the copy easier to read.

The Results

The MHF Creative team have been fantastic in delivering great projects (sometimes with very short timelines) and have been great to work with in terms of solution-focused when needed, delivering on time and within budget and generally being willing to go the extra mile.

Alice Beynon, Senior Account Director, Unlimited Group